1 Outline

Redesign of a web-based wealth management application for IFAs to manage clients’ investments (aka wrap platform).

The system consists of 300+ pages with complex logic and calculations, table displays, workflows and connectivity with third party real time back-end systems.

2 The Approach

Lead UX designer in a team of in-house and third party analysts and SMEs.

Following a highly structured path to review and redesign each journey and pages.

3 UX tasks

  • review previous user interviews and personas, conduct stakeholder interviews.
  • conduct concept/business workshops around application functions and user journeys
  • review designs and concepts within a multidisciplinary team of business analysts, product experts, proposition and solution consultants and technical architects
  • understand business logic and develop scenarios of use
  • produce detailed annotated wireframes incorporating user feedback and an improved user experience
  • work with analysts to produce aligned documentation for developers

3 Challenges

  • multiple business stakeholders
  • understanding complex business logic and undocumented functionality
  • maintaining consistency across multiple workstreams and user journeys
  • work within stringent technical, budgetary and regulatory constraints
  • tight deadlines

4 Testimonial

“I have had the pleasure of working with Caterina over the past 6 months. She has been marvelous. She took the role of the lead information architect on a complex workflow application, and was able to grasp the complexities of the system, and create elegant and well thought through solutions. I particularly admired Caterina’s passion to understand the user’s perspective and to not simply accept the easy path. She made the effort to explore options to find the best solution for the user, but mindful of the business need for cost efficiency. We relied enormously on Caterina to be the lead of the team – she led workshops with the client, presentations and review sessions. She was always trusted to deliver, and worked with great commitment. The client and I were very pleased with her contribution to the project. I have very much enjoyed working with Caterina and hope to work with her again soon.”

— Kevin Yuen User Experience & Service Design, Detica