User journeys

Typical scenarios of a user's digital journey or showing full service touchpoints can provide a discussion point and highlight gaps. The example here is from Sky's remote recording function. More detailed journeys have included deeper analysis covering users' needs, feelings & pain points.

Process flows

Flows show internal processes as well as user's interactions, so provide a more technical viewpoint and useful in re-design projects and highlight problem areas. The example here is a Sky ID forgotten password flow with corresponding user interaction screens.


High level sitemaps can be used to review a site's IA, illustrate a new proposed structure and of course document a site redesign. This example is from the Axa Wealth site redesign project.


Detailed annotated screen layouts are essential to document layouts and interactions for the development team, particularly in more complex software in banking and finance projects that I've been involved in, using mostly Axure and Omnigraffle.


I have generated interactive prototypes using Axure for both desktop and mobile projects which have been used by the team and in usability testing. This poster was used to illustrates the clickable areas and possible journeys of the prototype.

Persona profiles

User profiles, whether generated from primary research or composed by educated guesses, are a useful reminder of priorities in the design process. This example was one of three personas for a financial services project where I analysed the data patterns from individual user interviews (Visual design credit to graphic designer).


For new products and services, it can be informative to analyse them in the form matrices and charts, with input from business stakeholders or from a review of the competitive environment.

Concept maps

Alternative drawings of information or concepts can help bring a sense of meaning or inspiration. This is an alternative map of the Sky site.