1 Outline

eBay has several programmes to enhance its core buyer and seller journeys. Most research therefore fucuses on (incremental) updates that aim to facilitate the user experience and ensure they meet the business KPIs; eBay also tests new concepts or functionality, and compares user feedback in major markets of the US, UK and Germany.

2 Usability Testing

I was responsible for organising user testing sessions, arranging recruitment, drafting or customising screeners and scripts, running sessions in the in-house 'mobile' lab, and analysing results for a detailed report, at times dovetailing projects with colleagues in Germany and reviewing similarities and differences.

Testing was done on desktop, native App or mobile web as required, usually a mix of Android and iOS. I used Morea and Lookback.

3 Other research

I also proposed and managed a user research project for a UK-only local App involving telephone interviews, which helped the team confirm user experience issues and prioritisation of work.

As part of a more strategic global project, I took part in a 'pre-loved' fashion research study involving in-home and online research interviews for the UK market.

4 Reports

Findings and recommendations reports were presented to the UK and (remote) US product and UX teams who were keen to hear detailed feedback. Often I needed to co-ordinate and consolidate outputs with colleagues in Germany.