1 Outline

The Bank wished to develop a brand-building proposition that would help customers manage their budget by estimating a calculation of their month-end balance, based on daily account data. The project was challenging technically, but more importantly was complex to present to users.

2 The Process

I joined the project after the initial concept and user testing phase. The team included product sponsor, project manager, business analysts and designers. The project went through several iterations of design and user testing, and after a major change in the technical solution, the initial proposition was further streamlined and simplified. Users' feedback was positive, but much UX work was involved in ensuring the information was clear and the user could control the visibility of the feature if preferred. In the development phase I was in regular contact with the scrum manager and development and operational teams. The chart below was a guide to the visual designer.

3 Desktop

The desktop version offered more space to show the data in graphical format and additonal explanatory text.

4 Mobile

The mobile version had all the functionality but no chart. The interactive Axure prototype represented most of the screens and content of the IOS variant, and I used the illustration below to explain the screens to be tested by a usability agency.