1 Outline

The Lloyds banking app already had push infrastructure for marketing alerts. It wished to introduce balance alerts as push notifications as an alternative to SMS, which required opt-in screens and customisable settings.

2 Approach

Working with a team of product manager, project manager, business analysts and technical architects, the UX role was to consider the user journey under a variety of user scenarios. Crucial to success would be a high opt-in rate, particularly on Apple devices.

3 Design process

The scenarios and journeys went through several iterations. I created screen mockups to show the screen flows options and as cut outs to enable interactive team meetings.

4 Validation

Usability testing was an essential part of the project and once the broad outline of the proposition was ready, I managed and conducted three days of interview sessions with Lloyds banking customers in the new in-house lab.
The prototype was created with clickable Axure screens and this provided very insighful pointers for modifications to the proposition content and presentation.