1 Outline

Cancer 'Information Prescriptions' is a key programme by Macmillan and the NHS aiming to provide useful and personalised information to patients suffering from serious or chronic conditions. I worked in close collaboration with the client to organise and run all the activities in two projects.

2 Initial project

I was involved in the design of a prototype to test variants of the user interaction with the prescription generator. I drew up Visio wireframes for a front-end designer to develop into a clickable prototype and test with information professionals.

3 Follow up project

I undertook a second research project with hospital-based Cancer specialists, to understand if the information content and its categorisation correspond to the mental model of different clinicians, and their experience in communicating information to patients.

This was carried out by preparing and conducting interview sessions with 5 UK hospitals multi-disciplinary teams, as well as and individual and group card sorting exercises.