1 Outline

Redesign a mobile voicemail best practice document for a range of international business users and operators.

2 The Approach

The assignment required researching multiple sources and consulting with the UX and product team to generate a consolidated and usable best practice manual.

3 Deliverable

  • 60+ page document (Visio) with new process overview, use cases, detailed flows and notification examples.
  • presentation to the team

4 Challenges

  • audio rather than visual interaction has different user experience needs
  • complex flows and logic require attention to detail
  • design a document that is easy to use by the intended international audience and can be adapted by the local market

5 Testimonial

“After having already interviewed several candidates for the role of the production assistant of a highly detailed and logic complex design document, Caterina came along and from the onset automatically made the role redundant as she was obviously the ideal person for the job! During her employment she proved her worth as she helped to easily interpret the difficult requirements into a visual, simply and user-friendly specification. Due to her high calibre output, I ensured she was hired again to work as a user experience designer on a new mobile phone service concept. I can honestly say that should the opportunity arise I would be delighted to have Caterina return to work for me again as she was able to fulfill my requirements in full both expertly and professionally. On a final note, she integrated with our diversed design team and stakeholders with ease, communicated with a calm and revered presence, and ultimately was a delight to work with!.”

— Asha Trimble, Global UX Design Manager, Orange Group