Discovery and design sessions with users or stakeholders to gather requirements, generate ideas, or understand priorities. Almost all projects I've worked in included business stakeholder meetings. In this session we were looking to understand user's priorities for a mobile app.

Focus groups

Guided user group discussions using artefacts and online tools. This session was held in a studio in Paris led by a native speaker as my French was not adequate.

Interviews & ethnography

If not in a lab setting, I have conducted in-depth semi structured interviews in users' own environment to understand their constraints and context, for example when interviewing children or individuals who have adapted their computer to their particular needs. I use a very small digital recorder or camera on tripod to make sure I give undivided attention.
I have experience of Grounded Theory methodology to analyse interview data.

Usability testing

I have conducted many usability testing projects, most often in a lab, using Morae or Camtasia, occasionally using other tools e.g. Silverback, Lookback, with a variety of low and high fidelity prototypes and other artefacts, across digital devices.

I never tire to listen to people's experiences and narratives and strive to make them feel at ease.

Eye tracking

As part of usability sessions I have used eye tracking technology to examine users' focus while looking at individual pages.

Card sorting

Card sorting is a useful research tool for information architecture projects, run either as a dedicated research session or as part of usability testing sessions. I have used paper as well as online open/closed card sorts (using Optimal Sort).

Guerrilla research

I'm quite happy asking people in the street, at events or colleagues at the office, for that quick feedback. Always smile and respect those who don't wish to respond.


I believe surveys can have a useful complementary role to qualitative research, although they require careful question formulation. I would be interested in using text or automated telephone systems to gauge user's instant feedback after a touchpoint event.

Expert reviews, audits, benchmarking

Complementary to user research or where time or budget is tight I have conducted a range of analysis and reviews of websites, content and competitor audits and web analytics reports.